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HDD/Electrics Device Packaging

We absolutely have services in producing  plastic packages made by injection molding of plastics and thermoforming including designing new drawing, edited drawing, designing mold, molding of model, molding ultramodern machine. Moreover, to be appropriate to using, we have various materials to choose such as regular plastic, superlene  for durability and greatly protecting electricity.

Injection process material :

  • PC General grade
  • PC/Carbon powder
  • PC/Carbon Nano Tube
  • PP6 and PP66
  • PEI
  • PEEK and Etc.

Thermoforming process material :

  • A-PET Antistatic (Homogeneous/Coating)
  • A-PET (Conductive/Dissipative)
  • PETG (Dissipative)
  • HIPS (Normal/Conductive) and Etc.

Injection engineering plastic for HDD & Electronics business

AD trayMGL VCM wahing traySmall Magnet trayJig Fixture 2.5Jig Fixture 3.5

Thermoforming engineering plastic for HDD & Electronics business

Module trayPCB Tray#2PCB Tray#1Solvent Rack

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