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ARIORES is an electromagnet device preventing deterioration of  tube and clearing up rust and dregs without using any chemicals. You can use ARIORES with every tube such as Iron, stainless steel, PVC PE and you can use with every water system such as heat exchange, cooling water, drinking water system. When putting it into tube, it will reduce rust, dregs and it will extend expiration fixing. Moreover, it will save your cost greatly, when continuing to use.

ARIORES was occurred from research and experimenting repeatedly over 40 years. The product which it has been registered the patent of friendly environment was found in Thailand. Moreover, we cooperate to develop electromagnet to cleaning tube.





the efficiency and advantages of electromagnet 


  • Preventing and cleaning up rust,dregs,silica into water pipe changing red rust which pipe was leaked out by the red rust to black rust that the black rust will extend th
  • e expiration.
  • It will extend extend the expiration.
    Cleaning up and protecting stain of the cooling system, lubrication tools, then it will react from a sharp crystal to a hexagonal crystal, that it cannot be in a pipe.
  • It will help you to save power of device, easy to look after, reduce cost of utilities and cost of fixing or changing a pipe, so the cost of utilities will be 300-900 per year
  • It will help you to reduce Bacteria
  • preserving environment, we have never used chemicals and our employees will never touch with chemicals



Magnetic field 

Magnetic field 

Magnetic field was made in vertical side with a tube, then magnetic field will quietly electrify electricity into tube that will make Lorenz (F=qVB) occur. When liquid passed Through magnetic field, that it was occurred by electrical induction which it was the theory of Michael Faraday. In addition, we take the theory to efficiently clean up all of rust






ARIORES can install by fixing with the wall of tube without piercing tube in order that, you can set ARIORES by many ways which it depends on environment, construction of building. Moreover, it can set on every type of tube.

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